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Sound of thunder

Publikováno: 21.1.2016
Can you see those heavy clouds?
Behind and ahead, in your mind?
How can you be so calm and kind?
When you hear the thunder sound?
You can notice that everyone smiles
but not sure if that’s not just a lie
to hide from all of human kind
the deepest and painful inner harm.
And more sun just brings more rain
as you feel the piercing pain
the swords cutting in your brain
can you hear the lightning flame?
You can see those pretty flowers
but nobody gives you even one
so you feel you have to pick the finest
but all the blooms are suddenly gone.
So you try harder and harder
but all you get is dirt and ice
and you realize that in the sound of thunder
you forgot how to smile.


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  1. M napsal:

    You can be calm and kind if you don’t care about the disaster which coming down there. And if you don’t care about it, you have no troubles in your life. People are depressed because of people. Simple.
    Nice job. Full of feelings. 😉

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